Love in this generation is perceived  as being with someone and doing relationship type things but that’s not love that’s just a childish way of thinking what love is, my generation doesn’t know love. We know lust, lust is our best friend we are just with people to feel a empty void  that we are missing we just want the sensation of knowing someone is there for us. Relationships

are a game we just wanna fuck and and chill if your partner is down and on  their luck you won’t care really about that because we are all kids still we aren’t ready to grow up and know love. Teens we just want someone to buy us things and have sex with. It’s rare you will see a pure relationship like a couple that’s actually there for each other that doesn’t care about money or materialistic things.

Some of us we want a connection with each other feel each others energy that true love that passion that romance.

The connection is when you know each others weakness and strengths hold each other down through thick and thin we all want this in my generation but we are all blind by what society call goals that are set by celebs and instagram famous people but me i don’t want non of that i want purity i want someone to actually understand me some one i can open up to some one with out the judgement and tell all my secrets to.

But my generation we don’t know what we want we want what other people we don’t wanna make our own way of love we all want love but not our own love.


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