How i feel about the social media

How i feel about social media. Quote is by Donald Glover. “ it seems the more i try to connect with the world i am feeling more alone than i have ever felt before”. I choose because it relates to me because in this generation i’m growing up in we are so distracted by the media friends and we can’t see the real problems in this world. I mean think about it we have instagram, kik and twitter and tumblr but the problem is with me that i try to talk to people on social media sure i have some friends/ followers but i’m trying to connect with people on those sites and apps, but it scares me because i’m not being honest if we were all really honest with ourselves on social media, life would be kind of easier it’s like me as a person i try to talk to people about my life and my problems but no one seems to listen because we judge each other off of what we see on our profiles and pictures. When i’m on instagram i will write how i feel being completely honest and people take it as a joke but that scares me because they take me as a joke and that’s me being honest so when i’m crying at night about their opinions they won’t care because they are hiding behind a computer/ cell phone not having to feel guilty about what they said or didn’t say and that’s not cool they think just because they can’t see the effect on what it has on the person they won’t see the scars that person has or the pain they feel.
I remember not to long ago i wrote something on instagram expressing how i feel and someone got my number and they started texting me, so me and this person i don’t even know just started talking and they said “ we are you always posting how you feel on instagram and writing, do you really mean what you post”. I said yes that’s me being honest and they said “you must want something to be wrong with you”, i said no i wish i was happy that’s it and they said “ you’re trying to be like you you’re uncles josh and jared”. I said no we are all our own person we are being ourselves and being honest. the person was like ok and i asked who are you i didn’t get a reply so i left it alone. So about a couple days later i posted another writing on instagram, they texted me back like you need some help and i said yeah i do i’m not ok, the person was like yeah go to therapist. I said you’re right our you gonna pay for it lol, being a smarty pants. Then i told jared about it and he said that they’re just jealous of us and it’s gonna be ok just ignore it and stay positive and everything will be ok, so that was my short story and another thing. quote by donald glover ( i used to care what people think but now i care more.) that quote has so much meaning to me because it’s true people don’t like to admit that they care what about what people think of them but i’m being honest here so im just gonna come out and say it i care about what people think of me, im just to scared to say it aloud.


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