This generation

This generation is moving at a faster pace like our heartbeats are a billion times faster then anything before us, some in  a bad way. The good is that i feel like social media is our best friend but also our worst enemy it gives us a chance to really explore our surroundings, But we as a generation don’t really know to be our selves we see celebs and social media famous people, we need to be our selves because this generation has so much potential. We to busy caring about likes and followers we have when we should be learning diffrent skills and things not just in the school system, because me personally i don’t care that much for school but i love learning. I’m just really scared that our potential well be wasted because so many teens don’t realize that they have the key to change the world with just a click away we have the internet if anything this generation should be the highest generation in graduation rates and academics we are the future, we make art everyday we are not capitalizing on this opportunity to be something great instead we wanna go fuck everything we see insight we are loosing sight of reality we are being blinded by the masses of hate and negativity and not realness and honesty in my opinion.

This generation we need to fucking grow up we need to stop living in the past and look to the future because sponge bob will always be here we need to grow up because we have to be the ones to change the world and end racism and make peace we can’t do it if we are all doing dumb ass shit we need to realize that time doesn’t wait on you live for the future and find the true meaning of life, just move forward.


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