I’m not a confident person sometimes i get really down on my self not showing self love and lexy tells me all the time that i need to love but i’m like what is there to love i’m just a lonely ass person i just wanna find inner happiness but it seems like the more i try, i hurt more man the darkness consumes me and i feel empty it seems like that if i were to die i wouldn’t care about anything i have changed alot i’m gaining weight my butt is big  i hate it i blame the ingrams for all of my problems but i know i can’t just blame other people for my troubles it seems like this poem is my anthem because when i write i feel naked because my soul is very vulnerable. Man i feel like i’m not worthy i  feel weak like someone broke my ankles for me to walk up to my inner and tell myself to love your self man poems wack as fuck because i’m doing this with zero effort i’m never happy. Maybe it’s because i’m a cancer emotional. my emotions always end up of me getting hurt


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