waking up next to you

Baby i see u wake up early in the morning fix ur hair, putpn make up even tho i tell u don’t need it you  ignore me i walk up to you and say I’ve waited for you since i saw u in ms. Hills class back in grade school you reply by saying you never told me this before i replied by saying i didn’t have to your soul knew but that was 20 years ago but u tell me to go get dressed i get dressed you walk up to me in a bra and paintes and give me a kiss on the lips your lips tasted like mango toothpaste wich is your favorite i ask you why is ur hair always flawless in a messy bun you say because im natural im the air you breathe im the water you sip i am the light you use to read im the girl you love more then your self im the mother of our unborn daughter


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