The letter 

Damn girl you could’ve been the one now all this love shit feel kind of dumb I don’t know why I try to be with you that shit hurt me bad now I’m just a lame with a open heart I need someone to help with my self esteem issues see you didn’t even know that I’m not confident in myself Natalie keeps telling me that I will be great but I tell her that I’m not gonna be here that long and that scares her it doesn’t scare me because I embrace death because it’s the only thing that’s honest in life, and I get scared at night when I’m in the bed alone I feel as if someone is watching me or something is calling me I still sleep with the lights, I will always be awkward I don’t see myself the way people see me I feel bad because I failed 3 classes and I feel as if I won’t be better then Donald and that’s the ultimate goal is being better then my role model. I kiss girls that’s bad for they always hurt me I can’t find the right one well at least we know Raevon wasn’t the one for me we know nyomi wasn’t nor kaila nor Aaliyah or Adasia, I feel that I can’t be done I don’t feel safe when I’m around my father I feel worse when I’m alone and when I’m alone 1 tear rolls down my left I call that the silent cry because no one can hear me when I was talking pills in 7th grade that wasn’t a joke I tried to end it all but I was scared then but now I’m just so lost in my world that everyone around will never know what’s the best for me only I know my name is Tahj not the world not the answer I feel as if everytime I write a new poem I feel sick I really do because I’m never sleep I always throw up man when ask for help no one picks up the fun I’m glad she didn’t show up because now i know she’s not the I hope she’s doing fine this not a cry for help this how I feel this is the last of me being a sweet dude now I’m gonna become a asshole just to fuck the world up. Because no one gives fuck about my opinion I don’t like it when my parents try to be in my business and know who I’m talking that shit erks my dad called me a dumbass 😒 will I wanna see him write a poem with out it rhyming this is just my vent because to be realWith you.
Your the only one who will see this 


Moon and stars

I’m laying down on my roof the air is very crisp this time of year I love staring at the stars and the moon as they pass by me I ask myself why is something so beautiful so far away that I can’t grab it but only look at it from a far like a infinite structure of priceless art, I love the sky I wish I could just float with the stars,

My world is so far even though it seems like I’m close to someone we are a million light years away from each other you have to enter my psychic to understand the passion I have. 🌕🌕⭐️