Finale one 


Moon and stars

I’m laying down on my roof the air is very crisp this time of year I love staring at the stars and the moon as they pass by me I ask myself why is something so beautiful so far away that I can’t grab it but only look at it from a far like a infinite structure of priceless art, I love the sky I wish I could just float with the stars,

My world is so far even though it seems like I’m close to someone we are a million light years away from each other you have to enter my psychic to understand the passion I have. 🌕🌕⭐️ 

waking up next to you

Baby i see u wake up early in the morning fix ur hair, putpn make up even tho i tell u don’t need it you  ignore me i walk up to you and say I’ve waited for you since i saw u in ms. Hills class back in grade school you reply by saying you never told me this before i replied by saying i didn’t have to your soul knew but that was 20 years ago but u tell me to go get dressed i get dressed you walk up to me in a bra and paintes and give me a kiss on the lips your lips tasted like mango toothpaste wich is your favorite i ask you why is ur hair always flawless in a messy bun you say because im natural im the air you breathe im the water you sip i am the light you use to read im the girl you love more then your self im the mother of our unborn daughter


Its sad how people think their close to me but they are so far away its like my parents think they’re close to me but in reality they are so far away and im pushing them away from me i don’t want people getting attached to me because we are all just gonna die and loving people is just a waste of time it just seems like im gonna live forever and everyone is gonna die i might enjoy it idek anymore but i feel like the world is changing its progress that’s the only thing that’s real to me but thats how i view it what if the day die is a wensday but it feels like Monday then whats the point of living if everything doesn’t make sense and ik people are gonna say everything in life isn’t always gonna make sense.

Sad vibes

I’m always theguy sitting here with a open heart abd every time i let someone in they always walk right by out they never wanna stay and ask uf im ok they say im special but they don’t really mean it huh? I guess i just can’t keep a girl in my life i guess its my fualt for not having what they want or have i just wanna make u happy but i can’t because i never got the chance u have a guy u u had relations with that i can never have with i just want one chance to make u happy a pleas u but i guess i can never get my one shot because he took up all the space sad stories are all i write because thats all i know


Beauty is all beauty is art beauty is looking at the ocean and see the connection between the waves and your soul, beauty is knowing who you are beauty isn’t caring about what people think about you beauty is having self-love and acceptance of your aura and energy beauty is all beauty is your soul becoming enlightened beauty is your peace beauty is what makes you happy beauty comes in any shape color size or image because thats the way we were made thanks for making us in your image you have a amazing taste